• 31.05.2017 08:04 - Sharing joy of building !


  • 27.11.2022 14:15 - November 27, 2022 - Two new building instructions

    Today I've added new building instructions for two models built out of set 11019 - flower with bee and pull-along duck.

  • 10.11.2022 21:13 - November 10, 2021 - After one year I'm back with new building instructions

    Last year was little bit strange but don't worry I haven't stopped building. ;-) Today I bring you buiding instructions for three models that I built for Czechoslovak LEGO Masters Academy - parrot from set 11021, muscle car from set 60315 and fire fighting robot from set 60320. Besides them there are instructions for plane and dancing couple built out of set 11019, squirrel from set 31129 and race truck from set 42137 available at buildinst too.

  • 24.11.2021 23:27 - November 24, 2021 - Christmas are coming a month earlier

    Since I expect December being too busy for me I decided to give you Christmas batch of building instructions a month earlier. You can build for example west highland white terrier out of adidas shoe (set 10282) or two new models from set 11016 - snowman with Christmas tree and cock. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022 to all of you!

  • 13.10.2021 20:46 - October 13, 2021 - More stripes, more adidas!

    I'm back with my first alternative model built out of set 10282 (adidas Superstar shoe). It is zebra and it has more in common with adidas than you think. I also added building instructions for three new alternative models from set 31100 and helicopter from set 31121.

  • 17.08.2021 23:26 - August 17, 2021 - Grasshoppers are here to eat your bricks :-)

    As title said grasshoppers are here and they are hungry to eat your bricks. You can decide how many bricks you are willing to sacrifice - if you take those from set 31112 you'll get small grasshopper but if you take bricks from set 31121 you'll get real monster. Happy building! ;-)